Hairdressers – the industry that cuts your hair and patience

My latest rant is about a subject that’s really rankled me over the past week. I want to talk about the worlds most oblivious profession: hairdressing. The life of a hairdresser is a harrowing one. For starters, the point when someone realises they want to be a hairdresser is the point where they realise they … More Hairdressers – the industry that cuts your hair and patience

Doors and Buffoons

This is without doubt one of those ridiculous silly things that just grinds on me. It’s a hatred that started during my days as a 14 year old shouting down a microphone at Americans on CoD4 (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for those not down with the lingo). The crux off the issue was that … More Doors and Buffoons

Viral videos 

So I want to comment/ complain about the current viral videos sweeping our nation. In the past we’ve been delighted by the Harlem Shake, entertained by the Ice Bucket Challenge and laughed at the various levels of “thug life” our pets can show when they don’t know a camera is on them. However, the current … More Viral videos 

Whats the point?

So hopefully this all works and looks like a proper blog. I’m not too sure where to start with the whole blogging thing. There are so many rants to be had and so much to rant about that picking simple topics wont necessarily be all we go for. The nuances of ranting will be fully … More Whats the point?