Viral videos 

So I want to comment/ complain about the current viral videos sweeping our nation. In the past we’ve been delighted by the Harlem Shake, entertained by the Ice Bucket Challenge and laughed at the various levels of “thug life” our pets can show when they don’t know a camera is on them. However, the current viral trends are not up to scratch.

Let’s first talk about the one that really rankles me, the “this clip is even better with Titanic music” videos. Let’s get one thing clear: Titanic didn’t sound any better with Titanic music! Yes we’ve all peered off the edge of a cliff at some point and spread our arms wide, imagining Leonardo Di Caprio’s pocket pen is gently cajoling me from behind as he holds me in a light yet firm embrace (what were we talking about again). But you never imagine the Titanic soundtrack along with that moment. So no, a clip of your cat falling off a work surface in slow motion isn’t funnier because it has a Titanic soundtrack. It’s actually tragic that you spent hours positioning the cat food just far enough away from the work surface that you were able to engineer a ‘You’ve been framed’ moment.

The other trend that’s annoying me at the moment are the “haters will say it’s fake” clips. You know the one, where the person pretends to shoot a basketball from inside their house and magically, as the camera snaps away towards a bin outside. At first glance, we can see that the shot is going nowhere near the bin. But as the camera snaps away from the angle where we could clearly see the person and bin, we realise that we somehow forgot about the lamppost, mailbox and car that the ball bounces off, before the magic moment arrives and the ball inexplicably lands in the bin the person was originally shooting at! These clips were pretty clever in the 90s, when editing tools weren’t widespread. However, now every commoner with a Mac or Windows computer has access to easy-to-use movie editing software. This seems to have given people the impression that anyone can make a hilarious viral video. To them I say: you absolutely can’t. I’d like to give the same advice to the people that make these videos as I will to my future kids regarding drugs: they’re in no way smart, they’re definitely not clever and the ratio of laughs to hours spent on the activity definitely aren’t worth it.

Finally, I’d like to touch on the one current trend that I am finding partially amusing: the bottle throwing phenomenon. I’ll Admit, I really enjoyed that first clip of the kid flipping a bottle to land perfectly vertical at the school talent show. Finally, we had something fresh and innovative to “lol” about. However, since then, all I’ve seen are videos of people doing exactly the same thing. If you’re not imaginative enough to put your own little spin on things, please don’t waste our valuable Facebook scrolling time reserved for when we go the toilet at work


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